Katarina Tomasevski


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If the World Bank could be debarred from education, it would change beyond recognition. There would be freedom to design education through popular participation and to decide how best to finance it. My wish to imagine this happening is summarized in six points which describe the harm which the World Bank inflicts upon education. There have been some 38,000 readers already and the link is here.

We are very pleased to present a video of Katarina 'at work' and also you are still invited to see the very personal pictures provided by the family.

As many of you will know, Haakan is not with us any more. We thought of him when we met on October 4.


Haakan always insisted on a book in honour of Katarina - and we have been proud to assist the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in making this come true. Please visit the new page and read the amazing contributions from all over the world. Katarina would have wanted this to be one small step towards a better world with human rights for all of us.

The 2006 global report on the right to education is here. For those who do not have time to read 281 pages dotted with 1,317 footnotes, please read the reviews by Gareth Sweeny and Jandhyala B. G. Tilak. Is it difficult to mainstream human rights in development? No, here are simple recipes for girls’ education, enforcing the rights of the poor and HIV/AIDS. A general overview of the rules and tools is here.